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Series: Naropa Institute: Three Yanas of Tibetan Buddhism (9 Talks, 1975)

A landmark seminar that presented a complete overview of the three-yana approach (hinayana, mahayana, vajrayana) of Tibetan Buddhism to American audiences for the first time. It is particularly noteworthy for the skill with which Trungpa Rinpoche conveys the detailed material in ways that make it accessible and relevant for practitioners and scholars at both advanced and beginning levels of practice and study. The essential points of each yana are clarified, as well as how they relate to one another forming a unified path. In the hinayana, the focus is on the three marks of existence, and making a genuine relationship with oneself and reality through the simplicity of shamatha meditation practice. In the mahayana, the benevolence awakened in the hinayana leads to "transplanting bodhichitta in one's heart." As the ego is seen through, the intrinsic "hollowness" of existence, "shunyata" or emptiness, emerges. This opens up the limitless power and energy of the vajrayana. All three yanas are framed as ways of overcoming mind's confusion through meditation, with the emphasis always on doing it oneself, with the Buddha and teachers as examples and guides.
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