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Series: Naropa Institute: Tantra: Journey Without Goal (14 Talks, 1974)

An historic seminar in which Chogyam Trungpa presents tantric or vajrayana teachings of Buddhism to a large Western audience for the first time. During the first summer session of Naropa Institute, the audience included between 500 and 600 people. The talks cover nearly every key aspect of the tantric path, though Trungpa Rinpoche indicates that he is providing a "map", rather than direct instructions on beginning vajrayana practice. This, he notes, requires the guidance of a qualified teacher and strong foundation in hinayana and mahayana. The seminar addresses misconceptions about tantra then prevalent in America; in the process Trungpa Rinpoche introduces the genuine tantric path, in language that makes these elusive teachings accessible to many levels of practitioner. It was said afterward that experienced students heard the most advanced teachings, while they remained "self secret" to newer students.Throughout, Trungpa Rinpoche emphasizes both the power and danger of vajrayana teachings, which need to be approached extremely carefully. The ground definition of "tantra" is given as "continuity", or the thread that runs through all experience. Other key topics include mandala, abhisheka, kriyayoga, the unique relationship of student to the vajra master, visualization, five buddha families, three kayas, four types of siddhi or magic, and an introduction to the highest yanas, anuttarayoga and maha ati. This seminar became the basis of the 1981 book JOURNEY WITHOUT GOAL: THE TANTRIC WISDOM OF THE BUDDHA.
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