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Series: Naropa Institute: Viewing and Working with the Phenomenal World (9 Talks, 1976)

A seminar on how working with one's mind allows us to then relate skillfully with the phenomenal world. The talks present essential points of Buddhism, including the logic of sitting meditation, and the specific teachings of the three yanas as comprising the entire path. Trungpa Rinpoche describes the historical Buddha as someone who discovered the simplicity of resting one's mind as the path to enlightenment, and how his example remains up-to-date even in contemporary America. The section on hinayana focuses on meditation as the starting point, including key teachings on the four noble truths, twelve nidanas, and three marks of existence. Glimpses of egolessness experienced in the hinayana lead to the discovery of bodhichitta or "awakened heart" in the mahayana, and the desire to work for the benefit of others. Also central to the mahayana is the experience of shunyata, or emptiness, and inner wakefulness. The seminar includes an unconventional talk on working with the six paramitas in reverse order, as well as a compelling introduction to the vajrayana. The throughline of this seminar is its focus on developing warmth, compassion, and reasonableness in working with ourselves and the world, which Trungpa Rinpoche describes as the "bodhisattva ideal."
Playlist Duration: 07:12:50

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