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Series: Naropa Institute: Yogic Songs of Milarepa (10 Talks, 1976)

A seminar on the life and teachings of great Buddhist meditation master Milarepa, exemplifying key aspects of the Buddhist path which remain up to date today. One of the forefathers of the Kagyu lineage, Milarepa is also considered one of the great figures in Tibetan history, who attained enlightenment in one lifetime and composed a voluminous body of poetry. Trungpa Rinpoche emphasizes that Milarepa's experiences and insights are completely up-to-date and applicable in the contemporary world, as we struggle with the same challenges that Milarepa did. Talks cover a range of topics, including the need for exertion, discipline, prajna (intelligence), and meditation as the means for cutting through neurosis. Also discussed are Buddhist and Western conceptions of ego. Spiritual materialism is contrasted with genuine spiritual approaches of nontheism, with awakening as a do-it-yourself process, realization only possible from within. An introduction to the core Kagyu practice of mahamudra is given, along with its four stages. Also discussed is the sometimes uncompromising style of the Kagyu teacher-student relationship. Ultimately, Milarepa's guidance on relating to pain and suffering of conditioned existence is that it is workable. In final talk, Trungpa Rinpoche encourages students not to abandon the responsibility of working with the "education and meditative sanity" of North America, and the entire world. Parts of this seminar provided material for Chogyam Trungpa's book MILAREPA: LESSONS FROM THE LIFE AND SONGS OF TIBET'S GREAT YOGI (2017).
Playlist Duration: 07:21:08

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