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Series: Naropa Institute: Visual Dharma II (6 Talks, 1979)

Continues the seminal teachings on art and artistic practice through a Buddhist lens given in Visual Dharma I, in 1978. Together, Visual Dharma I and II are foundational to the body of "dharma art" teachings presented by Chogyam Trungpa. Dharma art can be described as any creative work that springs from an awakened state of mind, characterized by directness, unselfconsciousness, and nonaggression. The principles of dharma art extend to everyday life: any activity can provide an opportunity to relax and open our senses to the phenomenal world. In this six-talk seminar, Trungpa Rinpoche discusses both the process and the perception of art, and also the importance of extending genuineness and gentleness into our daily life. He demonstrates calligraphy, and students (including Allen Ginsberg) compose spontaneous poems based on the heaven, earth, and man principle. Seminar available in audio format only. Edited versions of the talks were published in THE ART OF CALLIGRAPHY and TRUE PERCEPTION. The calligraphies created during this seminar were reprinted in THE ART OF CALLIGRAPHY and are also available on The Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche website (
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