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Series: Naropa Institute: Educating Yourself Without Ego (3 Talks, 1983)

This seminar presents the path of taming one's mind through meditation, and opening oneself to appreciation of everyday life. Ego as cause of blockage and negative emotions, leading to struggle and inability to learn. Training the mind through practice of sitting quietly and letting thoughts dissolve. First stage of learning as opening our heart, and attunement to our inherent purity and intelligence. Combination of learning through meditation and learning from daily experience creates further learning. Regarding Naropa Institute, Trungpa Rinpoche notes, "This particular school is designed to absorb in your system, so that Naropa Institute experiences stay in your system the rest of your lives." He relates the story of the 11th-century Buddhist lineage teacher Naropa as starting out as scholar; then rejecting academic world; meeting his teacher, Tilopa; and the moment of realization. Edited talks from this seminar were published in THE SANITY WE ARE BORN WITH: A BUDDHIST APPROACH TO PSYCHOLOGY.
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