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Series: Naropa Institute: Meetings (11 Talks, 1975-1980)

Chogyam Trungpa held ongoing and illuminating meetings with faculty, students, and staff at Naropa Institute, discussing their experiences, and sharing ideas about  how Naropa might contribute to both education and American society. Ideas about the ways in which Buddhist thought and practice could be integrated into contemporary education, psychology, and the arts are included in these formal and informal meetings. Spanning 1975 to 1980, they include those with Naropa's core faculty, Buddhist Path Intensive students, and Psychology Department faculty. Topics and themes include new ways of looking at the teacher-student relationship; perspectives on the intersections of science, art, intuition and Buddhism; and how regular meditation practice impacts learning as well as the staff of Naropa. The third talk is an illuminating window onto different departments at Naropa five years after its founding. In the fourth, Trungpa Rinpoche advises faculty on ways of presenting Buddhist ideas in non-sectarian language understandable to anyone. The training and discipline of the artist is a topic in many of the meetings. Trungpa Rinpoche frames Naropa Institute's overall approach as developing "personal sanity" along with acquisition of knowledge. He notes the long-range potential for Naropa to influence the culture given its non-sectarian, multidisciplinary approach. The focus of Naropa Institute he says is on "the development of genuine insight and human dignity."
Playlist Duration: 11:28:16

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