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Series: Public Seminar: Buddhadharma Without Credentials (5 talks, 1973, New York City)

This legendary seminar, given in New York City in 1973, introduced key points that informed Trungpa Rinpoche's overall presentation of the buddhadharma in the West. Some of the talks became the basis of key chapters in the now-classic book The Myth of Freedom, which Pema Chodron called "an endless source of benefit to me and many others in our understanding and teaching of Buddhism in North America." This seminar outlines a step-by-step process of seeing through misconceptions about the spiritual path, and beginning to practice genuine spirituality. Included are the need to dismantle ego, which creates a "credentials"-oriented approach to spirituality, and relating directly with one's mind through meditation. Working with the chaos of daily life is also included, particularly how to work with the emotions. The QandA periods are especially rich, describing topics such as working with depression, and meditating in the midst of American life and culture.
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