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Series: Public Seminar: Buddha Nature: The Seed of Enlightenment (4 talks, 1976, Karme Choling)

A seminar that logically outlines the steps toward realizing our inherent buddha nature, "seed of enlightenment," which we have already glimpsed in starting out on the path. Sense of dissatisfaction as first indication of our buddha nature, raising questions. Looking at ourselves directly in meditation awakens it further, renouncing the constant search for outside solutions. Uses the analogy of watering a seed, with key being not avoiding our neurosis. In meditation, seeing things as they are becomes a source of strength; warmth toward oneself awakens expanded vision. Compassion and surrendering arise spontaneously, and as buddha nature is uncovered, the world presents continual opportunities to practice. Buddha nature is described as being ultimately incorruptible by neurosis.
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