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Series: Public Seminar: Ten Bhumis (9 talks, 1972, RMDC, Audio)

The historic first public seminar at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center (now Drala Mountain Center) after a harsh winter setting up the land for visitors. These eight talks cover the fundamental mahayana view, the bodhisattva vow, the "five paths", and the ten bhumis (progressive stages of the bodhisattva path) with their corresponding paramitas (transcendent virtues). Also includes a short talk given before a day-long meditation intensive (nyinthun) on meditation with some instruction. This seminar was published in the 1976 book The Myth of Freedom, "Part Six: The Open Way." Following this seminar, there was an official opening ceremony for the land, which is also included in the library.
Playlist Duration: 07:49:59

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